Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton loaned her campaign $5 million last month to prepare for the electoral contests in 24 states this past Tuesday and Senator Tom Harkin says the move doesn’t bode well for the Clinton campaign.

"That’s very interesting and that was before Super Tuesday so you wonder if their campaign is just running on fumes. You know, when staffs are working for no pay, you begin to wonder about how much they have to continue," Harkin says.

Harkin says if the former First Lady and New York Senator had to dip so deeply into her own pocket to keep the campaign afloat, she may have trouble sticking out the race. "I think there’s some real dark clouds there on that. Again, I don’t know if (the Clinton campaign) can get out and raise the money," Harkin says.  "Someone pointed out to me this morning, there’s something on the wires or blogs that Obama has raised almost $7 million just since Tuesday – $7 million on-line."

As a US senator, Harkin may be able to play an important role at the Democratic party’s convention in Denver later this year. "Yes, I am a super delegate. The way it works is super delegates get a vote at the national convention, but…we are not bound by anything, by what the states do or anybody else. As a super delegate, I can cast my vote for whomever I want at the national convention."

Harkin says he hasn’t yet made up his mind between Obama and Clinton, both of whom are his colleagues in the senate.  Harkin made his comments this morning during a telephone conference call with Iowa reporters.