If the Simpson College earn a spot in the division three final four they will have earned it. The Storm travel to Wisonsin-Whitewater for the Sweet Sixteen on Friday night and with a victory could meet the defending national champ in the Elite Eight.

Coach Brian Niemuth says all the teams in the final 16 are good. Simpson plays host Wisconsin-Whitewater on Friday night. Niemuth says they are very similar to his team, they like to run and press with an up tempo game. He says it may come down to whoever is standing at the end of the game.

Many post season games are played at a slower pace because each possession becomes more crucial. This one won’t be that way. He says it’s exciting to get to play someone in the same style, and whoever is better at it will come out on top. Simpson is 27-2 and ranked ninth nationally. Eighth rated Whitewater is 26-3.