A donut truck that was stolen from the parking lot a Quad Cities hospital became the subject of a high-speed chase in central Iowa on Thursday afternoon. Tama County Sheriff Deputies chased, with lights flashing, then arrested at a hamburger restaurant, a suspect who had stolen a doughnut truck earlier in the day from Moline, Illinois.

The Donut Delite Truck was stolen from a Rock Island, Illinois, hospital when the company driver was making deliveries. One-hundred miles later, the chase began in Benton County when law enforcement officers spotted the truck. The stolen truck reached speeds reported at 110 miles per hour on Highway 30 as it headed west into Tama County. Tama County deputies deployed stop sticks, but the driver avoided them, continuing into Tama.

Due to red stop lights at the intersection of Highways 63 and 30 causing traffic congestion, the suspect, 46-year-old Frank Arthur Alvarado, a patient at the Rock Island hospital, tried to continue his run by going through a Hardees parking lot. That’s where Deputy Chad Hansen used his patrol car to ram the trucks driver’s door, stopping the van, allowing officers to arrest Alvarado.

Alvarado, of Moline, Illinois, is facing 1st-degree theft, eluding, and numerous other driving violations. The Donut Delite company donated the doughnuts to Tama County courthouse employees, who consumed the evidence during their break.