The I.R.S. says most Iowans have already sent in their federal tax forms, which are due tonight at midnight, with nearly three-quarters of Iowans filing electronically this year. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says while this tax deadline day of April 15th is top-of-mind at the moment, he’s looking ahead a little over a week.

April 23rd marks the day when Americans, on average, have to work to pay their local, state and federal taxes. Grassley says taxes have grown to become an incredible burden on individuals and families. He says Americans spend 113 days, on average, to meet their tax obligations now, which is almost twice the number of days we work to pay for housing and almost three times the days we work to pay for food.

A report from the Internal Revenue Service finds the average American spends more than $200 a year to get their taxes prepared and filed, and it takes them more than a day to do it.