Keno Davis is expected to meet with his former players later today. Sophomore guard Josh Young says he was hoping this day would not come. Young says he wishes his coach all the best, but says he will miss Davis a lot as he is a best friend. Young says the players will have to move on, and that’s what they will do.

Young says he is not mad at Davis for taking the job. "I was a little upset, not upset at my coach," Young says, "just upset that I wasn’t gonna get to play for him for the next couple of years." Young says Davis had a great relationship with the entire team and they will miss him.

Junior forward Brent Heemskerk says because of the success of the program the school will attract a quality coach. He says four or five years ago the Drake job was a lot different, but Keno Davis and his dad made that a lot different. Heemskerk says they will get a great coach to replace Davis.

Heemskerk says the players understand why Davis would make the move. "For us as players this is college athletics, it’s something that’s pure, you know the way it’s supposed to be," Heemskerk says, "but as a coach, it’s a business, that’s the reality of it. We understand that." Heemskerk says Davis had a tremendous season, and is a tremendous coach who deserves what he gets, and will do well.