This weekend is supposed to be the kickoff of the camping season, but soggy conditions could limit the camping at some state parks. Greg Van Fosson of the Department of Natural Resources camping bureau, says most of the problems are in eastern Iowa. He says the problems are due to the flooding of the area resevoirs or rivers. Popular destinations such as George Wyth State Park and Backbone State Park were closed by flooding.

Van Fosson says George Wyth was scheduled to re-open today, but other areas will stay closed. Van Fosson says if you have a specific park in mind, the best thing to do is call the park directly, or visit the D-N-R website at:

Van Fossonsays several of the state’s trails for horse riding have been closed too, and you should check them before heading out. While the state parks have been hit hard by the flooding, Van Fossonsays it sounds like there won’t be major damage. Van Fosson says you always have to wait for the flooding to go down, but so far it looks like they’ve been fortunate, that the reports on park damage have been "fairly minimal."

For information on reserving a camping spot, you can surf to the D-N-R’s reservation website