Three Postville men are facing several charges for illegal fishing and possible immigration action. An off duty Fayette County deputy on his daily run Tuesday evening notice some suspicious fishing activity at Glovers Creek trout stream near West Union.

The deputy called the D-N-R, and three young men were arrested and charged with 27 counts of fishing violations. The three allegedly tied fishing lines to empty beer cans, then dragged the beer cans with the catch to shore — which is an illegal method of fishing in Fayette County. The three violators were identified as 19-year-old Luis Barrutia, 24-year-old Jorge Santos, and 21-year-old Elvis Lopez, all of Postville.

Authorities seized numerous trout, rods and reels, two illegal trot lines, a quantity of beer and a van with Wisconsin license plates. The Fayette County Sheriff also notified Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials of the three men who will be turned over to ICE at a later time.

Audio: Roger King reports. :50 MP3