There’s controversy over a new parental leave policy at the University of Iowa which lets faculty members ask for a full semester off — but they’ll still be paid and keep all their benefits. A member of the board which governs the university says University of Iowa administrators should have asked the Board of Regents to review the policy first, and decide if it’s appropriate.

In an e-mail sent to other members of the board, Regent Michael Gartner asked whether such a "far-reaching policy" should at least be discussed by the board. Gartner suggested the new U-of-I policy on parental leave could have an impact "far beyond" the Iowa City campus, as I-S-U and U-N-I faculties now may press for a similar parental leave benefit.

In conclusion, Gartner suggested this parental leave policy was "more important than, say, parking rates" — an issue the Board of Regents has been asked to review.