The Iowa Attorney General’s office has announced another settlement with a former manufacturer of the TouchPlay machines. The state banned TouchPlay machines in May of 2006, after concerns that the games were too much like slot machines. A-G spokesman, Bob Brammer, talks about the details of the latest settlement.

Brammer says the settlement is with International Gamco Incorporated of Omaha for $250,000. Brammer says the company is just one of those who still have claims against the state over the machines.

He says Gamco was part of a bigger package of companies that sued the state, and many remain, and are scheduled to go to trial in September of this year.

Brammer says this is the fifth or sixth settlement the state has made with TouchPlay companies. Brammer says the state will have paid out a little over three-point-six million dollars in all the settlements thus far. The state also will return two monitor vending machines to Gamco that had been in the Lottery’s possession for testing.