Flower shops are on full alert today as fleets of delivery trucks are fanning out to bring aromatic, colorful bouquets to mothers across the region — since Mother’s Day is Sunday. Susan Enewold, the owner of Bloom Works in Omaha/Council Bluffs, says it’s not entirely accurate to say Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday for a flower shop.

Enewold says: "Valentine’s is the biggest one day. Mother’s Day is usually the whole week. We don’t deliver on Mother’s Day, we’re closed for us, but we started delivering Monday for people for Mother’s Day." She says there’s a lot of walk-in traffic on Valentine’s Day at her store, while Mother’s Day is heavily based on phone orders from out-of-town.

One might think having the big holiday of flower orders spread out over the whole week instead of just the one day might make this an easier week at the shop, but Enewold says to think again. "It would be a little less hectic but when you put two weddings and a prom on top of it, it makes today a really hectic day," Enewold says, laughing. "We like to be busy. That’s our motto around here, we turn the usual into unusual and we make every Mother’s Day bouquet just really special for that one mother."

The most popular gift for Mother’s Day is flowers, and the most popular flowers given to moms are, in order: roses, carnations, daisies, lilies and tulips.