The Cornell College men’s basketball team is headed to Greece for a 12-day stay during which the Rams will play three games. Cornell coach Mike DeGeorge says the team was able to practice ten times before leaving but the trip is about much more than just basketball.

DeGeorge says they wanted an additional educational experience and this was a unique situation to do that. He says it is a good recruiting tool to bring in kids who might want to travel.DeGeorge says the players will also be earning some credits on the trip.

He says their unique one course at a time calendar will allow them to learn about Greek culture and get credit for it on the trip. DeGeorge says they’ll be in Athens playing for a few days, and then will go on a cruise for a few days through the Greek Isles, and then will play another game back on the mainland. He says they get to play three games, spend time on the beach and have very few practices. DeGeorge says one of the biggest adjustments will be learning to play with international rules.