The American Hockey League franchise in Des Moines has signed a two year affiliation agreement with the Anaheim Ducks. The team had been affiliated with the Dallas Stars and were known as the Iowa Stars for the past three years. Anaheim’s AHL team had been located in Portland, Maine.

Duck’s General Manager Bryan Burke says it’s a big day as they take their A-H-L affiliate very seriously and are committed to winning. Burke says they believe in Des Moines as a hockey town. He says they want their players to become part of the community. He says their goal is to provide "a winning hockey team with a competitive presentation and strong community spirit."

Burke says the Ducks teach an aggressive style that helped them win the Stanley Cup in 2007. He says their style of play is "not for the feint of heart." Burke says they either possess the puck or are pursuing the puck at all times. "We believe in fighting when necessary, and sometimes when it’s not necessary," Burke says.

Kirby Schlegel is the owner of the Des Moines franchise and says they are in the process of renaming the team. He says they’ve narrowed it down to several names and will make an announcement in three-to-four weeks.

Schlegel says the team will not take the names of the parent club and instead will choose a name that gives the team a local identity. He says they’ve been doing fan surveys and through outreach on their website to come up with a name.