The Iowa Department of Transportation and Iowa State Patrol are taking part in a nationwide check of commercial trucks and other vehicles. Captain Tom Bruun of the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division, says its a 72-hour check at six Iowa weight stations.

Bruun says they’re looking to remove unsafe vehicles, unsafe drivers, and unqualified drivers off the road. Bruun says they’ve already found several violations. He says they’re doing a "pretty good job" of putting quite a few trucks out of service for equipment violations. Bruun says the check started at midnight Monday and they’ve also pulled several drivers for exceeding their driving hours, and not taking long enough breaks before they start driving again.

Bruun says drivers who exceed their driving hours are as big a problem as those who’re driving trucks with mechanical problems. "These trucks weigh 80,000 pounds, I mean, do you want someone driving down the road that’s been awake the last 15 or 16 hours, having a hard time staying awake driving ’em?," Bruun says.

Bruun says they are also on the lookout for trucks that might be carrying illegal substances. Bruun estimates they check around 180 trucks in a 24-hour period. The checks will continue through Thursday.