Three confirmed tornadoes moved through Adams and Union counties in southwest Iowa last night, leaving a path of destruction across the area. One of those tornadoes struck John Baker’s homestead four miles south of Creston.

"I was in the basement when this thing happened and when they say it sounds like a freight train, they’re exactly right," Baker says. "That’s pretty much what it sounded like."

Baker’s home was not damaged, but outbuildings on the farm were. "Luckily, nothing was done to our house. I had an old barn, probably should have been down anyway, but it scattered it all over the farmstead…knocked numerous trees down, took the doors off the machine shed," Baker says. "…Two fuel barrels were plum-full of fuel and it twisted them up."

Baker says it was all over in about 30 seconds. "You can pretty well see the path north of the house where the main tornado went," Baker says. According to Baker, the tornado stayed on the ground and destroyed a small, local church and damaged a number of houses. No injuries were reported in the storm.

Weather officials are predicting more severe weather for the area again tonight.