Many state and local roadways are closed today by high water. Dena Gray-Fisher of the Department of Transportation, says they type of damage done by flooding varies depending on the area. She says some of the waters have receded in parts of the state, and once they are able to check those roadways, they find the shoulders are damaged or the roadway is undermined.

Gray-Fisher says they also are keeping an eye on "scour critical bridges" they’re monitoring. Gray-Fisher explains the scouring problems. Gray-Fisher says scouring is the erosion of the surface around the abutments or piers of the bridge. The scouring can make the bridge unstable, and that’s why they have to examine the bridges and make any repairs right away.

Gray-Fisher they won’t re-open roads until they are sure it is safe. She says they have to be sure the waters have receded enough that they can have a clear view of the roadway, and then the repairs can take several days. Gray-Fisher says it’s important that motorists obey the "road closed" signs and not drive on water covered roadways.

Gray-Fisher says often the roadway under the water no longer exists, or is significantly damaged, and it’s a great risk to go on the roadway. To find a complete list of closed state roadways, go to the Department of Transportation’s 5-1-1 website , or call 5-1-1.