A state audit reveals a city official accused of questionable financial deeds in Postville was up to the some of the same things at his new job in Norwalk. A March 14th report from the state auditor concluded Gary Simmons improperly used the City of Postville’s computer and made unauthorized and excessive purchases of chemicals on the city’s dime.

Simmons resigned from his job in Postville two years ago and became public works director for Norwalk. This past spring he was placed on paid administrative leave, pending an investigation of his financial habits while on the job in Norwalk, then last month he was fired.

According to a newly-released state audit, Simmons seemed to buy very expensive paint and chemicals. For example, while he was working in Postville Simmons bought street paint from one company for up to $54 a gallon. The city had been buying paint from another company for much, much less — in the range of  $12 a gallon. The audit also concluded Simmons made the City of Norwalk improperly cover some of his travel and meals before a work-related conference he attended in Texas.