This time the Quad Cities Riverbandits will get to stay home. Back in April, the Bandits were forced to move three of their home games by the Midwest League because of the rising Mississippi River. The floodwaters have returned but the team will be allowed to complete its homestand in Modern Woodmen Park.

General manager Kirk Goodman says the league now has evidence of what they can do in the case of flooding following the renovation. He says improvements in and around the stadium will allow them to play despite being surrounded by the swollen Mississippi. Goodman credits the city of Davenport for the design work and other things that keep the stadium open for the games. Goodman says it will be a unique experience as they will be on an island.

Goodman says a ramp will allow fans safe access to the stadium though much of the parking around the stadium will be under water. He says parking will be the biggest challenges, as one of the lots they usually use is going to be flooded.

Goodman says they will be able to operate like they do with any other home game with a little bit of a challenge.