An Iowa Supreme Court ruling about a man who set up a meeting with someone he thought was an underage girl has impacted another, similar case. Eric Richard Hansen of Des Moines was arrested in 2006 after he met a girl on-line that he believed was 15 years old and set up a meeting.

The girl was actually a Cedar Falls police officer, posing as "Suzi." Hansen went to the Wal-Mart Cedar Falls, there was no girl there, but he was recognized and arrested by Cedar Falls cops. Hansen’s conviction on a felony charge of enticement was overturned, as the court said he should have been charged with the lesser crime of attempted enticement since he didn’t actually ask "Suzi" for sex in person.

In another Black Hawk County case, Curtis Jensen pleaded guilty to the felony charge of enticement. He was caught in much the same way as Hansen was. Citing the other ruling, the Iowa Court of Appeals has tossed out Jensen’s conviction and ordered a new trial on the reduced charge of attempted enticement.