Tens of thousands of Iowans who are eligible for those economic stimulus checks from the federal government still haven’t filed the paperwork to get them. It could mean up to $1200 extra for some couples.

Christopher Miller, a spokesman for the IRS, says most of those who haven’t filed are from a few specific groups. "There are still some five million Social Security Administration and veteran benefit recipients who have not filed to get their stimulus payments," Miller says.  "We want those people to get their money. So, we’re now going the extra mile to reach out to these individuals."

Miller says there are about 47,000 retirees and disabled veterans in Iowa who qualify for the economic stimulus payment but have not filed to claim it. He says there’s only one way to get the stimulus checks. "Filing a tax return is the key that unlocks the economic stimulus check. Normally, these people don’t have to file a tax return. They don’t make enough money or their benefits are not taxable so they’re not used to filing a return. But, we want them to know they need to file a 2007 tax return to get the economic stimulus payment," Miller says. 

The deadline for filing the paperwork is October 15th in order to get the check this year. Miller says in Iowa’s five largest counties, more than 13,000 seniors and vets are missing out on their chance to get a check, including 5500 in Polk County, 2600 in Linn, 2500 in Scott, 2100 in Black Hawk and about a thousand in Johnson County.