Flooded farmstead The Iowa Farm Bureau has launched a new website to help farmers who are struggling to recover from record flooding. IFB President Craig Lang says the site should help answer a lot of questions farmers have right now. The website addresses questions about crop insurance, what to do with spoiled grain, best replanting practices and more.

Farmers across the midwest are facing a number of challenges, with the biggest one being the explosive price of grain due to the lost acres. Lang says agriculture officials around the country are "waiting anxiously" to hear the latest USDA report on flood damage in places like Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri. That report will be released Monday.

This week, the American Farm Bureau Federation estimated the flood damage to crop land in the Midwest at eight billion dollars – with half of that in Iowa. "I hope that estimate is higher than what (the damage) really is, but my fear is that it could be greater than that amount," Lang said. Officials with the Farm Bureau Federation believe Iowa’s corn yields will be down 16 percent this year.