The Boy Scouts who survived a tornado hitting their western Iowa camp last month will get a chance to tell President Bush about the experience. Four boys were killed, some four-dozen were injured, in the June 10th incident at Little Sioux Scout Ranch in Harrison County.

Lloyd Roitstein, executive director of the Mid American Boy Scout Council, says the boys have been invited to meet the commander-in-chief. He says the boys will get to spend some time with the president at the White House and get a tour of Washington D.C.

Roitstein says he’s been told, "the president wants to tell the scouts how proud he is of them and how special they are." He says the boys were hailed for pulling their buddies from the rubble of camp buildings and using their first aid skills to keep each other alive until rescue crews arrived.

He says, "More and more, it’s sinking in how big of a heroes they are to not only the Scouting community but the entire country and the entire world." The scouts from Iowa and Nebraska, their adult leaders and rangers from the camp have all been invited to Washington D.C. and will likely visit the White House on July 30th or 31st. Among those killed, three boys were from Omaha. The fourth, 14-year-old Aaron Eilerts, was from Eagle Grove, Iowa.