The chairman of the Vision Iowa Board says a new program, approved by the legislature this year, could help a host of flooded communities rebuild. Andy Anderson says the River Enhancement Community Attraction and Tourism grant program is designed primarily for cities and towns located on rivers and lakes. It’s a five year program worth $52 million.

"It’s 12 million in the first year and then 10 million thereafter for four years, so it’s 52 million total," Anderson said. A number of Iowa cities have reported damage to recreational, cultural and entertainment facilities that are on riverfronts.

"We’re hoping we can participate with those towns that have flooding to use some of that River Enhancement CAT money, as well as our regular CAT money, to help them rebuild and renovate their facilities that have played such an important role in their communities," Anderson said.

The Vision Iowa Board will begin taking applications for the River Enhancement CAT money in a couple months.

Anderson says the application should be on-line by next week and board will begin accepting submissions in mid-September. The regular CAT program is financed through 2013, offering a total of $12 million a year in grants.