Voters in Fort Dodge next month will decide on a bond issue to build a new aquatic center worth nearly nine-million dollars. Last night, the Fort Dodge City Council voted to place the measure on the ballot on August 26th.

The request will be forwarded on to the Webster County Supervisors to schedule the referendum for late next month. Fort Dodge voters will be asked to decide if the city government should borrow eight-point-nine million dollars to pay for the constructing the aquatic center.

The debt would be a general obligation bond issue to be paid off with a property tax revenue. City officials have estimated that the bond debt would cost the average Fort Dodge home owner $3.50 a month or $42 per year.

If the measure is approved, the aquatic center would be located on the city’s northeast side. It would replace an aging pool to be demolished once the aquatic center is open. If the bond issue is approved, the new aquatic center would open in June, 2010.