State officials are trying to determine the extent of damage done to cultural and historic assets across Iowa during last month’s flooding. Jeff Morgan, spokesperson for the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, is urging Iowans – especially those in the arts community, to go on-line and fill out a survey.

"Basically, what we’re trying to do is to get a handle on what kind of financial damage has been done and to track filings they’ve made with both FEMA and the Small Business Administration. We’re asking what other kinds of assistance they’ll be needing," Morgan said. "The results of the survey will be forwarded on to the Rebuild Iowa Commission on July 30th."

Morgan says they are looking for information regarding a host of venues. He says officials with art galleries, museums, theatres, historic buildings and even cemeteries should complete the survey if they were impacted by flooding. The survey is on the department’s website.

"It’s just a 12 question survey. It won’t take very long, but the information will be very valuable," Morgan said.