Iowa may see agricultural losses exceed four-billion dollars due to the June flooding and this latest round of severe weather is adding to the total. Parts of western and central Iowa have gotten heavy rain since Sunday, bringing renewed flooding.

Boone County extension educator Rich Wrage says his area has seen seven inches of rain in the past week. Wrage says, "We’re looking at about a 15% yield loss countywide just because of the floods and a lot of the crop that was either planted very late or was never able to be planted at all."

Wrage says much of the three major crops in Boone County were flooded late Sunday and early Monday with the downpour, which was accompanied by hail and high winds.

Wrage says: "Mostly corn and soybeans. We have very little oats and what we do, some of it was harvested already and some of it was damaged a little bit from some of the winds. We had an 82-mile-an-hour wind at our school site." He says for Boone county, it’s the wettest season since 1993, a year that was also infamous for its widespread, record flooding.