Former Governor Tom Vilsack at a Hillary Clinton event. (file photo) Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack went on FOX News Thursday afternoon to bat down the idea that supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are not backing Barack Obama.

Vilsack also rejected the notion that former President Bill Clinton is less-than-enthusiastic about Obama.

“I spent the last seven or eight days with President Clinton on his trip to Africa,” Vilsack said, “and I can tell you in private conversation and in public conversation there is no question that President Clinton is supporting Senator Obama, intends to vote for Senator Obama and understands that the nation’s future will be better in his hands than in Senator McCain’s hands.”

Vilsack and his wife, Christie, endorsed Hillary Clinton in the spring of 2007, but became Obama backers in June when Obama secured the number of delegates necessary to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. Some supporters of Hillary Clinton suggest her name should be placed in nomination at the Democratic National Convention, along with Obama’s. Vilsack sidestepped a question on that topic during the five-minute FOX interview.

“I don’t think there’s any question that Senator . Clinton will have an opportunity to be at the convention and have an integral role at the convention and in the convention,” Vilsack said. “People like myself who were supporting her during the primary process have listened to her. She is directing us to support Senator Obama, which we are happy to do.” Published reports indicate Bill Clinton will be given a speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention in late August and that has eased some tensions between the Clinton and Obama camps.

“Bottom line, he intends to support Senator Obama,” Vilsack said on FOX. “He will do what is necessary and what he is asked to do to support Senator Obama, and Senator Clinton is clearly going to do that and Clinton supporters are going to do that.”