A state audit has found thousands of dollars missing from the Grinnell Police Department’s safe, plus evidence seized in a number of criminal cases is missing, too. The investigation started shortly after April 18th, when Grinnell’s police chief discovered over $5,500 dollars in cash missing from a safe near the department’s evidence room.

The state audit reviewed department records dating back to January 1st of 2006 and discovered over $8,000 in cash was unaccounted for and a couple of weapons were missing. In addition, there were other items unaccounted for, evidence seized by Grinnell police, things like baseball bats, clothes and drug paraphernalia.

The state auditor says there may be more missing money and evidence, but he and his staff can’t track it because the case files are missing. The person who was in charge of the evidence room for the Grinnell police department resigned three months ago.

The audit has been forwarded to the Poweshiek County Attorney, who may file charges. You can read the audit on the State Auditors website .

AUDIO: Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson report on Grinell audit. :48 MP3