Aaron Eilerts The 14-year-old Iowa Boy Scout who died in a tornado that struck the Little Sioux Boy Scout Camp in June was honored at the statehouse Wednesday.

Aaron Eilerts was honored with a special certificate at the Robert D. Blue Scholarship ceremony, an award given in the name of the former Iowa Governor that shared Eilerts hometown of Eagle Grove.

Eilerts father Bob talked at the scholarship ceremony. Eilerts says it’s an honor for his son to get the certificate and said "I’d like to congratulate you scholar winners on it and kids in the future I hope Aaron’s a good example and don’t be afraid to do what’s in your heart."

Governor Chet Culver choked up as he described the scout’s life — which was filled with work for others that included making pillows for hospital patients and sewing blankets for the animal shelter. After the ceremony, Bob Eilerts said the stories of the good deeds continue.

Eilerts says they continue to hear many good stories about what their son did, but he said he didn’t want to comment on any of them other than to say they "made him proud inside." Eilerts life story will now be printed on every future scholarship application, and the boy’s father says the scholarship will be another good reminder of their son.

He says the scholarship will bring back more good memories of Aaron each year when the awards are given out. Eilerts says they have nothing but good memories of their son. Eilerts was one of four boys who died in the June 11th tornado, the other three boys were from Nebraska. Eilerts had just finished eighth grade and would have entered high school this fall.  

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