An Iowa City-based program that provides support and assistance to victims and survivors of sexual assault is looking for volunteers to take part in a training program in September. Officials with the Rape Victim Advocacy Program will teach volunteers to provide support to sexual assault victims through a local sexual abuse hotline or over the statewide Iowa Sex Abuse hotline.

The program’s coordinator, Tara Wood, also says volunteers will receive training in another important area. She says they’re also looking for people to go with victims to the hospital or police station to support them while they have the sexual assault evidence gathering done. Wood says they have a couple of requirements for the positions.

Wood says they’re looking for female adults who’re "looking to turn their concern about what’s going on into action." Wood says the recent charges of sexual assault against two U-I football players has raised interest in the program.

Wood says they’ve had a lot of people say the charges have made them angry and concerned and they want to do something good instead of being negative. If you’re interested in participating, contact the Rape Victim Advocacy Program at 319-335-6001. The deadline to register is September 1st.