Over the years the UNI football program has posted a number of wins over division one foes but the Panthers have hever beaten one that is ranked in the top 25. They will get another chance on Saturday when they open the season at 15th ranked BYU.

Coach Mark Farley says this is the best team that UNI has ever played and the way it will help them, time will tell. But he says preparing for the best team should only help them be ready for the rest of the season.

Farley says he does not like the term "nothing to lose". "It’s hard to say what good comes of something like this unless you go out there and play a very strong football game," Farley says. He says they hopefully will have a more prepared football team at the beginning of the season after playing this game.

There was a time when one-double-a teams could sneak up on division one opponents. Farley believes that all changed with Appalachian State’s upset of Michigan. He says nobody will sneak up on anyone anymore after that victory.