University of Iowa campus police plan to strictly enforce Iowa’s new ban on smoking in public places as the football season gets underway today. U-I Director of Public Safety Chuck Green says smoking is banned smoking in and around Kinnick stadium, and campus police will be on the alert on game day:

"We will be aggressive inside the stadium to make sure people are not smoking. We will also take the same approach on our parking lots and our ramps," Green says. Green says violations are likely to come at tailgate parties and in the four open-air corners of the stadium where smokers used to go at halftime.

Green says this will be a major change for a lot of people who used to be able to smoke at the games. Green expects there’ll be some unhappy smokers. Green says they anticipate some people being upset, but they will try to warn and educate people to keep from having to give them a citation.

At Iowa State Thursday, smokers were directed to off-campus location to smoke. In Cedar Falls, additional no-smoking signs will be going up in and around the UNI-dome. The smoking ban went into effect on July 1st.