Iowa was hit by heavy rains Friday through the weekend, but National Weather Service meteorologist, Jeff Johnson, says the hurricane in the Gulf Coast can take only partial blame. Johnson says the rains Friday were do to a cold front that stalled over the southern part of the state, while some of the moisture in far southeast Iowa later in the weekend were due in part to moisture from Hurricane Ike.

Johnson says states southeast of Iowa saw heavy winds and damage that were a result of the hurricane — but he says that weather didn’t get to far into Iowa. He says most of the severe weather spawned from the hurricane did not get to Iowa, with the biggest impact being heavy rain in far southeast Iowa. Johnson says the weekend rains left things very soggy.

Johnson says the good news is we’re heading into a dry pattern for the next five to seven days. The rain spurred flood warnings in five counties this morning: Johnson, Washington, Henry, Lee and Des Moines.