Some of the Iowans who are on active duty in the military can vote electronically this fall. "The goal is to expedite the process between sending the unvoted ballot to the voter and then also to work with voters in imminent danger pay areas in order to be able to return their ballots electronically to the county auditor’s office," says Sarah Reisetter of the Iowa Secretary of State’s office.

It means soldiers on duty in a danger zone who cannot mail a paper ballot back to the states in time will be able to either FAX or e-mail their ballots back to their local county auditor. Iowa residents who are living overseas — for whatever reason — can now ask for an absentee ballot via FAX or e-mail. But unless they’re a solider in a danger zone, they must mail the paper ballot back to Iowa.

Over 3,200 Iowans who are overseas have already asked for the paperwork to cast an absentee ballot in the general election.