A pilot was injured last night when his plane crashed into a residential area north of the Iowa City. The pilot left the Iowa City airport earlier Monday and was on his way back. His plane crashed into a tree and wound up in the front yard of a home.

Susan Greve, a physician who lives in the area, rushed to render aid to the pilot, who was the only person on board. "I could see that he was moving his right arm. I could see that he was bleeding from his face," Greve says. Other neighbors ran into their homes and came back with towels to try to contain the bleeding from the lacerations on the man’s face.

The pilot was conscious, but disoriented. "He was squirming around," Greve says. "…Gradually, as he regained his coherence, we began to talk about his name and where he was going to go."

Monday’s crash site is not far from the scene of a fatal plane crash that happened this past June. A two-year-old girl headed home after being treated at the University of Iowa hospitals was killed when that plane crashed shortly after take-off.