Iowa is part of a 62-million-dollar multi-state settlement with Eli Lilly & Company over alleged deceptive practices involving a popular drug. Bob Brammer, a spokesman for Iowa’s Attorney General, says 32 states plus the District of Columbia are involved in the settlement over the drug.

He says the drug Zyprexa is used for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but the state alleged the company marketed the drug for "off label" uses, or uses not approved by the FDA. He says the company also failed to point out the potential harmful side effects of the drug. Brammer says the company has agreed to make changes.

Brammer says they will change the illegal market practices. Brammer says Iowa will get a chunk of the settlement. He says Iowa’s share will be around one million dollars that will be used in the future for consumer protection, litigation and investigation. Brammer says those who used the drug are involved in other legal actions.

Brammer says there are private class action lawsuits and insurance suits over the drug which did $4.8 billion in sales per year as the top selling drug for the company. He says consumers will look to get money back in those other lawsuits. The drug was first marketed in 1996.