The Rebuild Iowa Office is now producing a newsletter that is designed to help people who’ve been hit by the flooding and tornadoes. Rebuild Iowa spokesperson, Tin Potthoff, says the newsletter pulls together information from a variety of sources.

Pothoff says they want to give out the most up-to-date information on everything from application deadlines for various programs, to how to spot a scam when it comes to rebuilding, and frequently asked questions about state and federal programs.

Pothoff says keeping people informed is important. She says they are trying to do as much as they possible can to help those people who were affected by the disasters. One piece of information in the newsletter is the deadline to register to get federal assistance.

Pothoff says Iowans have until October 31st to register to get federal and state help with the uninsured losses from the disasters. She says you can call 800-621-FEMA to apply. Pothoff says over 39,000 Iowans have already applied. You can view the newsletter on-line at the Rebuild Iowa website .