Things get even tougher for the Iowa State Cyclones this week as they prepare for a visit to ninth rated Oklahoma State. Iowa State is 0-4 in the Big-12 and has dropped six straight games after a 49-35 loss to Texas A&M.

ISU coach Gene Chizik says it’s a tough stretch, but they are going to press on and continue trying to improve. Chizik says there were some positives from Saturday’s game, but overall as a team they did not play well.

He says the Cyclones need a breakthrough victory to get them some confidence. Chizik says there are all different kinds of ways you can win games and then things catch on and you get on a roll. Chizik says while frustrated with the current stretch he remains optimistic about the future of the program.

Chizik says you have to put everything into perspective and know that it is a journey and they will continue to work. Chizik says the Cyclones need a complete effort. The offense played well against Texas A&M but the defense struggled. He says they have very little margin for error, especially in the Big 12.

Iowa State showed a number of different formations last weekend and even offered up a few "gadget" plays. Chizik says that kind of strategy will be continued. He says they had to be more creative in what they were trying to do. He says they will have to try and find ways to be successful against talented defenses.

Oklahoma State is coming off a 28-24 loss at top ranked Texas and coach Mike Gundy says despite an emotional effort he is not expecting a letdown. Gundy says they ask the players to stay focused each week and play hard, and that’s what they have done.

He says they will ask the same thing this Saturday after playing well and falling short against Texas. During Monday’s Big-12 teleconference Gundy was asked if his team gained confidence despite the loss. Gundy says the team felt good about its effort and the way they competed.