While authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a 2-year-old boy in Buchanan County, a spokesperson for police in Iowa City says he does not believe the incident is connected to a river rescue of the boy, his mother and brother last December.

The boy, Seth Kehoe, was reported dead Monday in a wooded area near Littleton. His mother, Michelle, and brother, Sean, were both injured. No other details about what happened are being released. Iowa City Police Sergeant Troy Kelsay says he immediately recognized their names. He went back to a review a report from a December 14th crash, where Kehoe drove the family’s van into the Iowa River.

"Just to look…to see if there was something that might have been overlooked and really there wasn’t. I believe they’re two separate events," Kelsay said. In the December crash, Kehoe and her two boys were pulled from the icy Iowa River by four people who saw the van plunge into the water.

"There wasn’t anything in any of the evidence or any statements by anybody that had direct knowledge or contact with Michelle Kehoe, to indicate that it was anything other than what she described – and that was an accident," Kelsay said. "She was distracted by her children, left the road and traveled a short distance into the river."

Police and doctors questioned Kehoe after the incident, but Kelsay says there was no indication that Kehoe was trying to harm herself or others. "It was a witnessed event," Kelsay said. "She interacted with bystanders, rescuers, police, fire personnel, emergency medical staff and doctors at a local hospital…police also had contact with her husband."

Iowa DCI agents today have been combing the area near Littleton where Seth Kehoe was found dead Monday morning. An autopsy was scheduled for this morning. Michelle and Sean Kehoe both had surgery, but their conditions and information about how they were injured are not being released.