The theme for this year’s Veterans Affairs Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System flu shot campaign is "Infection: Don’t Pass It On." V-A spokesman Will Ackerman says eligible veterans can get vaccinated against the flu at no charge.

Ackerman says, "The flu shot is probably the most important thing to help veterans, and anybody really, to prevent from getting the flu. This is really exciting for veterans because it’s free for them. Veterans who are enrolled in the V-A system can get the flu shot.

Also, veterans not enrolled can sign up at the V-A Medical Center and if they’re eligible for V-A health care, they can also get the flu shot at that time." Ackerman says veterans who are not in the system are urged to apply.

He says each veteran has his or her own eligibility level but if a veteran is eligible for health care, which covers the majority of them, they are also eligible to get the flu shot for free. Each clinic has a different vaccination schedule. Flu clinics are not available on November 11th, which is Veterans Day.