The Iowa basketball team has an exhibition game this weekend. Todd Lickliter is getting set for season number two on the bench and thinks this team will be much better offensively. Lickliter says they are eager to pass and share the basketball, which makes it harder to defend them.

He says they are at the "consciously confident" stage as they understand what they need to do, but need to think about it when it comes to defense. Lickliter says they’re striving to become unconsciously confident on defense and are moving in that direction.

The Hawkeyes will take on Wayne State Sunday afternoon and he says he’s familiar with the coaching staff having played them while he was at Butler.

Lickliter says he likes the potential of this team, and he is confident in the group. He says they need to find out the combinations that work together. Lickliter says he has seen progress in all the different phases of the game. He says the improvement hasn’t been dramatic, but it has been steady.