The quarterfinal round of the high school football playoffs includes a regular season rematch between two highly rated teams in class A as top ranked A.H.S.T. hosts number four Madrid.

A.H.S.T. beat Madrid during the regular season and Vikings coach Cory Faust says these teams know each other well. Faust says both teams have video of a lot of games so they will know what each other does and it will become a case of going out and trying to out execute each other.

Faust says having won the regular season game means nothing this evening. He says if anything, it might give them more incentive to win. Faust says his team might have a little confidence from the previous game, but they know for all of these games they have to win or the season is done.

Madrid coach Randy Hinkel says they are excited about the opportunity. He says if you win, you advance to the semifinals and play in the UNI-Dome. He says that’s part of their goals, and know they are playing well right now, but so is AHST.

Hinkel says revenge is not the motivation for the Tigers. "We’re talking about the playoffs here. If you get beat you’re done, and we’ve got a goal set that we would like to keep playing, so the revenge isn’t there," Hinkel says. He says they talk about the things that A.H.S.T. did well against them in the first game, and how they can overcome that.