President-elect Obama’s new economic team is getting a thumbs-up from Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. Grassley says, "As far as their qualifications to do the job that they’re in, he’s selecting a good team of people and I’m glad he’s selecting them early so that they can get to work right now so on January 20th, we can move forward."

While Obama’s presidential campaign focused on the hallmark of "change," Grassley says he’s not seeing a lot of change in the people around whom Obama is surrounding himself, which Grassley says is a good thing.

"Predictability in government is something that builds confidence in people if they know what’s coming around the corner and with the people that he’s putting in, people that have been in previous administrations, people that have been with the Clintons, people that have worked for both Republican and Democrat administrations, it builds confidence and there’s not change like I was fearful of," Grassley says.

He says the kind of change Obama promised "was so undefined, it made me nervous. Now that he’s appointing familiar faces from the Clinton administration to very high-level positions I’m less concerned."