Events throughout November have focused on adoption, and those involved in the issue hope they’ve raised awareness that will last through the year. Amy Juhnke of Iowa Kidsnet says the key point of their message is that they need people to get involved.

She says there is no typical family for adoption, and it’s a process similar to becoming a foster parent. Juhnke says there are over 130-thousand kids nationwide up for adoption, and she Iowa is lucky that there are a lot of family members or foster families that are willing to adopt kids. But, she says there’s still a need for others.

Juhnke says they have around 100 children that they feel have an urgent need to be adopted. She says you can find out more about the kids and see pictures on the Iowa Kidsnet website .

She says they will send you an information packet and you can attend a no obligation orientation and find out what adoption entails. It’s then up to you if you want to proceed. You can find the information on the website, or call 1-800-243-0756.