Black Friday has arrived and Iowans are being reminded to be smart shoppers. Bob Brammer, with the Iowa Attorney General’s office, says the Christmas season generates more consumer complaints than any time during the year. He says there’s no state law requiring stores to make a refund and most retailers won’t even consider allowing a refund or exchange without a receipt. "Be sure to know the store’s policy on returns before you make the purchase," Brammer suggests.

If you’re shopping online, Brammer says to use a secure website and pay with a credit card. "Be sure any seller lists an address or a toll-free number in case you have a problem you can go back to them," Brammer said. "Get all the details on whether your purchase is refundable, shipping and handling (fees), complaint procedures…all of that." If you’re purchasing a gift card, Brammer says it’s a good idea to check for fees or expiration dates and buy from a company that won’t be closing and rendering the gift card worthless.

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