State climatologist Harry Hillaker says November ended up being a little drier than normal despite some snowfall in the final days. He says the state averaged about two inches of precipitation, compared to the average of about two-and-a-half inches of precipitation in November.

Hillaker says the snowfall was a little less than average despite the snow that fell the last two days. Hillaker says while the snowfall was less than average, it was spread out quite a bit. Hillaker says there were a lot of small "snow events" that caused some problems for drivers. Hillaker says the average temperature for the month will show it was slightly warmer than normal, but that’s a little misleading because of the extremely warm temperatures at the start of the month.

Hillaker says the first five days of November saw record warm temperatures that were about five degrees above normal, but most of the month since then has been colder than usual. But, he says the cold days were not enough to cancel out the warm days at the start and we ended up about a half degree above normal. Hillaker doesn’t expect December to see record warmth at its start. He says we look to be stuck in a "rather cold" weather pattern that could last the next couple of weeks.

Hillaker says it also looks to be a wetter than normal in December. Hillaker says last December ended up being one of the wettest in history.