The woman left paralyzed from the neck down after the 1991 shooting rampage on the University of Iowa campus is now battling cancer. Miya Rodolfo-Sioson has stage four breast cancer according to a copyright story by KGO television in San Francisco.

She was 23 back in 1991 when a U-of-I grad student shot and killed five people and wounded her while she was working as a part-time secretary in a building on campus. Rodolfo-Sioson was born in the Phillippines and raised in Ames.

In 1996, she moved to Berkley, California, where she has been active in lobbying for rights for the disabled. She’s also worked part-time with graduate students from other countries, helping them find host families in the San Francisco area.

K-G-O T-V reports Rodolfo-Sioson has put her job and her volunteer work on hold to aggressively fight the cancer. Her boss made a one-hour documentary titled "Miya of the Quiet Strength" which profiled Rodolfo-Sioson. A "test screening" of the documentary was held in Berkeley on October 3rd. Find more about the film on-line at