Iowa basketball coach Todd Lickliter says it was an alcohol related incident that caused the suspension of freshman Anthony Tucker. Iowa’s leading scorer is suspended indefinitely and is averaging better than 13 points per game.

Lickliter says Tucker called him Sunday morning and told him he had a "lapse in judgment." "And anytime I hear something like that, I’m very thankful that everybody’s well and okay, and at the same time, we need to address our commitment level," Lickliter says.

Lickliter says Tucker was willing to take his punishment, as he knew there would be ramifications. Lickliter says they can’t change the lack of responsibility in this episode, but "we sure can change behavior going forward."

Lickliter says there are several steps that will need to be taken for Tucker to resume his role. He says people have to show a commitment to their own success, to team success and doing what is right. Lickliter says if something happens to detract from that, then they will address it.