Iowa basketball coach Todd Lickliter says freshman Anthony Tucker could return to action for Saturday’s game at Drake. Tucker has been suspended for more than a week and pleaded guilty to a charge public intoxication for an incident that took place nearly two weeks ago. Lickliter says Tucker will return to practice this afternoon.

He says Saturday could be a rushed timeline, but says he won’t rule it out. Lickliter says Tucker will be prepared to play, as he is very involved in practices without being on the court. Lickliter says he does not know how much Tucker will play after only two days of practice. Lickliter says Tucker has been with the team just not on the court as he was suspended from practice.

Drake coach Mark Phelps says the Bulldogs have been preparing all week like they will face an Iowa team with Tucker in the lineup. He says they don’t know what the final verdict will be, but he is a terrific freshman. Tucker was Iowa’s leading scorer at just over 13 points per game when he was suspended.