You only have a few more days to renew your car registration before higher fees take affect on January 1st. Polk County is the largest in the state, and treasurer Mary Maloney says they’ve tried to let everyone know. She says there is a penalty for some of them if their car falls into the change in the depreciation schedule.

Maloney says for those people they sent out two statements, one with a dollar amount if the registration was paid by December 31 and another one if they choose to wait till January to pay. Maloney says only the people who are up for renewal in December and January can pay ahead to avoid the increased fee.

"Those people are the only ones that have a choice on whether they register in 2008 or 2009. So we needed to make sure we communicated that to those people so they were not surprised by that in January," Maloney says. Maloney says it could be a big difference for some. For example the fee on a 2001 Chevy Ventura will jump from $35 to $143 next year.