Police in eastern Iowa are looking for help in finding a man who allegedly posed as a police officer and attacked a woman on Highway 30 north of Watkins. The Iowa State Patrol says the man had a red and blue light in his dark colored car and stopped the victim on Sunday around 11 A.M.

The man attempted to grab the woman and she knocked him down. Iowa Department of Public safety spokesperson, Jessica Lown, says they need help in identifying the man. She says they are putting out a call to anyone who may have been passing through the area on Highway 30. Lown says any information could be helpful.

Lown says they want to know what you saw, if you have a description of the man who is believed to be white, six foot tall 200 pounds. Lown says if you saw something, call the Iowa State Patrol or the Benton County Sheriff’s Office. You can call the State Patrol at 319-396-1944, or the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at 319-472-4777.